Deb Lewis wrote:
Have hunted through all the documentation I can find, bumbled around in base
system code, and searched web sites/news groups, still stumped and figure
this must be something others have done, so must be time for plaintive cry
for help.

Objective: trying to customize the standard login_form for a CMF site to let
members log in by entering the email address from their member data rather
than the userid of their account.

Did a revised login_form, have supporting services to map email value from
form input to a userid and detect cases where that's not possible and actual
userid needs to be supplied, but can't figure out where/how to get this
hooked in properly in the ZPublisher/auth/login mechanism so that the form
submit for this page can get the login processed.

Configuration: Zope 2.7.7, CMF 1.4.8; also GRUF (GroupUserFolder) 3.3

Any pointers to tips/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

In a standard user folder, the thing that transforms the authentication tokens (login+pw, or here email+pw) into a user object is the 'authenticate' method. You'd have to patch/subclass it if you used a standard user folder, I don't know if GRUF is flexible in that respect.

Note that in the context of CPS, CPSUserFolder can use any field as login field, email is indeed a very common need.

Another way would be to hack the cookie crumbler so that it transforms the email into the id (by doing a lookup) before passing that info away to the user folder. That would be costly, as you'd do the lookup for every request.

Another way would be to do the lookup in the login form, then redirect to logged_in after having changed the form data.


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