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Doing some more work on Five views for CMF right now. I have the edit view hooked up and working find for my sample content type. The view class given to me by Tres defines a POST method, but I can't seem to get that hooked up correctly.

These sentences don't make any sense to me: What is your goal? Why do you need to 'hook up' POST if your edit view works already?

When should your POST method be called and what does that POST method? Are you working on something special or just on a normal edit view?

The goal is very simple: The edit form posts to itself. If a POST is received, I want to edit the content item with the values from itself. Very same principle as we have now, with the exception that the current setup looks into the REQUEST to find button names to decide on what to do.

Again, I'm working with a class Tres gave me which has a POST method on the editing view class.

Don't know why Tres gave you a class with a POST method.

Are you aware of the goldegg-folder_contents branch? CMFDefault/browser shows a working example. (Well. While refactoring the code I broke some logic, but the view itself works.)



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