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yuppie wrote:
> Hi Tres!
> Tres Seaver wrote:
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>> Stefan H. Holek wrote:
>>> Right, so at what point is the content-type-registry supposed to be
>>> added now? Plone Site creation breaks after this checkin with:
>>>   File "/Users/zope/plonehd/Products/CMFCore/utils.py", line 83, in
>>> getToolByName
>>>     raise AttributeError, name
>>> AttributeError: content_type_registry
>> Plone needs to kick off a "CMFSetup profile" which creates all the tools
>> before trying to use them.  Over time, there will be *nothing* left in
>> the PortalGenerator class:  everything it used to do will be handled in
>> a profile.
>> For BBB, we should chat about what actually happens here.
> I can't see any need to remove code from PortalGenerator on the 1.5
> branch. So far CMFSetup was an optional component of CMF 1.5. Are you
> sure you wanted to remove that code from the 1.5 branch?

I don't want to make life harder for anyone than necessary, but I
*really* don't want to encourage anyone to consider CMFSetup "optional"
for 1.5-derived stuff;  the kind of effect Stefan reported is *exactly*
why I want to make the setup stuff declarative, rather than procedural.

 We can revert the PortalGenerator part of that change, if needed, but
it should have a *huge* DeprecationWarning associated with it (the whole
module, I mean).

> Regarding the trunk (CMF 2.0):
> Up to now I tried to keep manage_addCMFSite and PortalGenerator intact
> for BBB, but this becomes more and more a big burden. So meanwhile I
> would agree with dropping support for manage_addCMFSite, PortalGenerator
> and related code completely.
> This would mean that all products built on top of the CMF have to ship
> with a GenericSetup profile for CMF 2.0.

Right:  any product which expects to configure a "site" should ship with
one or more "base" profiles;  any product which offers optional features
should ship one or more "extension" profiles.

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