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Lennart Regebro wrote:
On 10/17/05, yuppie <y.2005--E2EsyBC0hj3+aS/[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I know that pattern, but I don't like it. [...]
The code on the goldegg-folder_contents branch processes the input in
the __call__ method of the view class. The template is only invoked if
needed. It's much cleaner to use the template just for displaying
results, not for triggering controllers.

That's purely a matter of taste. From a principal standpoint I don't
think there is any difference, really.

I don't think so:

1.) If you start rendering the default view before the controller has finished you need extra code to abort the rendering if necessary. E.g. a tal:condition that wraps the whole template.

2.) A cleaner separation of controller calls and view rendering makes the code simpler and therefore easier to write and maintain.

3.) Rendering useless views wastes resources.



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