Tres Seaver wrote:

I don't see how that could be -- the skins tool add list is not filtered
at all in stock CMF or in Plone.  What software provides your skins tool?

Plone 2.1

Can you check that your product is actually being installed?  You should
be able to add a "Frostbite: <your_class_name>" instance anywhere in
your site, although it won't do you any good except in a skins tool.

Yes. I was able to add it to the root.
Anyways, I created an external method to add it under portal_skins and got through that bump.

But now I see Frostbite is removing <html> and <body> tags from my .pt files.

For eg. I have


<metal:block fill-slot="top_slot" tal:define="dummy python:request.set('enable_border',1)">


and the <html> line has been stripped out.

The <html> tags has metal:use-macro clauses, which are getting nuked.
So my pts are giving errors.

Any idea how I can make Frostbite not do this?

Thanks for your help.


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