Tres Seaver wrote at 2005-10-16 14:22 -0400:
> ...
>> Probably, because they can bind the DTML namespace...
>I knew that they *could* bind it;  it just don't understand why anyone
>would *want* that feature, given the availability of the other,
>non-ambiguous bindings.

I know that I used it intensively in the past (for a former
employer). Now, I almost dropped DTML and with it the DTML namespace
bindung of Python Scripts, although it works as well with
the ZPT namespace...

>I would argue that it is a misfeature, especially given the bug which it
>surfaces in 'render' / 'call_with_ns'.

I have seen this several times:

  When a bug comes to the surface, a feature is reclassified
  as a misfeature...

I do not need this feature (unlike other reclassified things)
but maybe, fixing the bug is also a solution?


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