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David Pratt wrote:

> Hi there.  I have been monitoring the list to observe changes in setup
> specifically.  I have been waiting for things to stabilize since there
> seemed to be many sorts of changes occuring in arriving at what it would
> look like including splitting CMFSetup etc.
> When will these changes in machinery come out on a new CMF release.

The "roadmap for CMF 2.0",
calls for an alpha release in the very near term (before the end of the
year), with a beta to follow after a suitable stabilization period.

I would expect third-party products to lag a bit in synchronizing,
although many of them have leadership involved in this effort (Plone and
CPS, notably).

>  As
> far as third party products, I have been generating Install type files
> still will my products.  Will these still be able to be used or will
> this be completely replaced by the new machinery.  What happens to
> CMFQuickinstaller as a result?  Is that completely dead after these
> changes occur?  I am wondering what to do with any non standard code
> executed on install, like add things like python scripts or folders,
> etc. Where will this go without Install? I am assuming the xml will take
> care of many standard things, but what about anything out of the
> ordinary like what I mentioned?

CMFQuickInstaller will likely shrink, as much of its machinery should be
doable with profiles.  Any remaining setup work should either migrate to
profile-based setup, or at least cooperate with the setup tool, I think.
The stock CMF setup already supports adding structure;  scripts are not
normally added in that way, but could be supported.

> Sorry if this sounds like worry.  It is not. Rather I am wanting to make
> sure that I stay current so my own products won't break and I am keeping
> in tune with recent developments. Also these changes are important to me
> since I am trying to develop a portal by subclassing CMFSite so there
> seems to be many things happening that could affect what I am doing.

Your subclass shouldn't be much affected, as the current CMFSite class
does very little (it stubs out a couple of methods to keep the catalog
happy, mostly).

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