These test failures are due to Five 1.1 monkey patching. See http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.z3base.five/756 or http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.plone.devel/9501 for some more details.

Basically Five monkey patches the GlobalTranslationService adding a wrapped Zope3's TS, which as a service requires some initialization.


Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

On 22 Oct 2005, at 00:27, Tres Seaver wrote:

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I just checked in a preliminary pass at viewifying the
'full_metadata_form' (now 'metadata.html' as a view):


I expanded the branch by adding a proposed viewification for the Link content type, based on Tres' example and code he sent to me a few weeks ago.

As mentioned in Tres' note, the five:traversable configuration in CMFDefault/configure.zcml is commented out because it breaks other CMF tests and you neeed to uncomment it to see the new stuff. However, I am seeing breakage in the link views tests themselves (traceback below) which I can't quite interpret. This time I doubt it is due to a sandbox with old software, I'm working off today's Zope 2.8 branch, the tseaver-viewification CMF branch and todays Five trunk. Can anyone spot what the problem is? Using the views in the browser does not show any error, it only pops up during testing.


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