On 24 Oct 2005, at 18:29, Tres Seaver wrote:
- External methods gain support by extending the saved information to collect module/function values for external methods instead of trying
to read the body. This *will* make an import blow up if the
filesystem code the external method relies on is not in the expected

We can make the failed attempt to import the EM create a log entry,
without aborting the whole import; OTOH, having it fail would tell you
that you hadn't installed all the software you neeeded.

+1 for fleshing out the ".em" files for EMs (in fact, we just ran across
that sprinting today).

OK, so I'll add an implementation.

There should be some very obvious feedback when an external method cannot be found during a profile import. A blowup would be the most obvious feedback ;) The manage_tabs_message that shows up on the Import view only enumerates the name of the steps that have run, probably not a good idea to subvert that for this new kind of information. I'm not sure that a log message that disappears into the Zope event log is enough. Soon enough you will see strange workflow errors and it might not be obvious right away that a script object is completely missing. My gut feeling says "blowup is better" - any good arguments against it?


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