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FG> They're not skipped, they're treated specially. These exceptions are the way
FG> for transition code to notify the caller that something happened to the 
FG> underlying object.
   But     what     prevent    to    raise    ObjectMoved,   ObjectDeleted   in
   nofityException,    notifySuccess?  I.e.  DCWorkflowDefinition.notifyCreated
   swallow ObjectDeleted, ObjectMoved. Why?
   if ObjectMoved raised in DCWorkflowDefinition.notifyCreated,
   WorkflowTool.notifyCreated doen`t know about that, and
   def notifyCreated(self, ob):

       """ Notify all applicable workflows that an object has been created
           and put in its new place.
       wfs = self.getWorkflowsFor(ob)
       for wf in wfs:
       self._reindexWorkflowVariables(ob)   <<--   ob  reindexed  in  a  wrong
       acquisition wrapper.

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