yuppie wrote:

getActionObject(action_path) is the method you are looking for.

getActionById is defined as public, getActionObject as private, so you can't use it in any skin scripts or templates :-(

Can't see why you would need that method in the skins.

Okay, so how would you get the url for an action from inside a skin script or template?

Unless someone bribes me I'll not help cleaning up the mess in Plone.

Yes, I wish I didn't have to either, but work with me on this, okay?
I'm not asking you to clean up the Plone mess, I'm asking you to explain what pattern should be used in CMF 1.5 for something which was common in CMF 1.4 (I have examples of this from totally non-Plone CMF projects, and they face the same problems: What to replace getActionById with, especially when it's used in skin script?)

BTW: IIRC Kapil has a Plone version that works with CMF trunk. That would mean that he resolved all the deprecation warnings.

Just to emphasise further, I'm looking to document by way of mailing list archives, what the correct way to replace getActionById calls is, regardless of whether you're using Plone, CPS, or just plain CMF...

Also, can you explain what type_info.getActionInfo('object/view')['url'] is supposed to return?



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