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Okay, so how would you get the url for an action from inside a skin script or template?

obj.getActionInfo('object/view')['url'] for type actions or
provider.getActionInfo('user/join')['url'] for other actions.

Just to emphasise further, I'm looking to document by way of mailing list archives, what the correct way to replace getActionById calls is, regardless of whether you're using Plone, CPS, or just plain CMF...

Also, can you explain what type_info.getActionInfo('object/view')['url'] is supposed to return?

getActionInfo() returns an ActionInfo object as defined in interfaces.portal_actions.ActionInfo. (Note that ActionInfo and ActionInformation are two different classes: ActionInformation is the class of the persistent action object, not of the info dict created based on that object.)

      - url (string): URL to access the action

This is the result of the url expression in the current request context. It is always useful if you want a link or redirect target - for traversal use queryMethodID instead.

Please read the interfaces and grep for examples in the CMF source.



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