Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I'm trying here first.

I'm trying to use five views for a set of forms I'm working on.  The
forms are part of an ordering process which takes place over 3 separate
pages (delivery, ccard details, confirmation).

As well as a site-wide template (main_template.pt), the forms in the process also have a standard template (for example, what is in your basket and a list of the steps in the process should be in the same place on every page) called order_template.pt. Then the individual pages are called order_page1.pt, etc...

However, the problem that I'm hitting is that whenever I try to call
methods defined in my view class from order_template, I get an
unauthorised exception, but I can call the same methods from order_page1 etc without a problem.

Probably the most tricky bit is that order_template defines where form actions and buttons should go, and I definitely wanted to keep this detail in the view class rather than moving it elsewhere.

What's the pattern to achieve what I've outlined with views? Has anyone else tried to do this? Am I trying to solve this problem the wrong way..?



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