To make sure that CMF 1.5.5 will play well with Five 1.2, I have to make sure that no method manage_afterAdd redoes a recursion that one of its base classes was doing, as we have to be prepared to have the base class monkey-patched to use events, and have recursion done with events.

Concretely, today CMFCatalogAware.manage_afterAdd does full recursion "by itself" in the children.

To fix that, I would have to make CMFCatalogAware.manage_afterAdd delegate to its base class to do the recursion on non-opaque objects. But CMFCatalogAware is a mixin class, so the only way I'll do what I want is by using super(). Of course as you know, if you use super() somewhere you have to use it everywhere, otherwise Bad Things happen (see

So I'll have to change the users of manage_afterAdd & co in CMF to use super() correctly. Because some base Zope classes don't user super (), I have to reorder some classes.

Namely, File and Image classes will have to be changed so that CMFCatalogAware is before OFS.Image.File in the bases. Plus some additional details to make getId() work.

Does someone have a problem with me doing that in the CMF 1.5 branch? All with tests of course.


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