The setup handlers for adapter based import / export are just boilerplate. I'd like to move the complete responsibility for setting up tools to importToolset / exportToolset.

toolset.xml already contains all the necessary information if we use the ID of the tool for computing the file names. catalog.xml would e.g. become portal_catalog.xml.

GenericSetup would need some BBB code to handle CMF 1.5 profiles. Old-style tool handlers can still have their own registry step.

This would make writing and maintaining tool handlers much simpler. On the other hand we loose some flexibility:

- import/export of selected tools from a bigger profile: don't think we really need that - handling import dependencies: currently the 'workflow' step depends on the 'typeinfo' step. AFAICS we can easily get rid of that dependency.

Nevertheless I think the refactoring would be an improvement and if there are no objections I'll work on this change.



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