yuppie wrote:
The setup handlers for adapter based import / export are just boilerplate. I'd like to move the complete responsibility for setting up tools to importToolset / exportToolset.

toolset.xml already contains all the necessary information if we use the ID of the tool for computing the file names. catalog.xml would e.g. become portal_catalog.xml.

GenericSetup would need some BBB code to handle CMF 1.5 profiles. Old-style tool handlers can still have their own registry step.

This would make writing and maintaining tool handlers much simpler. On the other hand we loose some flexibility:

- import/export of selected tools from a bigger profile: don't think we really need that

Right now each tool has its own import step and export step. The 'Import'
and 'Export' tab of the setup tool allow to select single steps and run
them independently. If tools become part of the 'Required tools' step you
can just select / deselect them en bloc.

Hm I don't like it, I import/export tools individually all the time.

-1 from me.


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