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Florent Guillaume wrote:
yuppie wrote:
- import/export of selected tools from a bigger profile: don't think we really need that

Right now each tool has its own import step and export step. The 'Import'
and 'Export' tab of the setup tool allow to select single steps and run
them independently. If tools become part of the 'Required tools' step you
can just select / deselect them en bloc.

Hm I don't like it, I import/export tools individually all the time.

-1 from me.

What are your use cases?

Adding tools and loading the settings from an existing profile?
Resetting existing tools?

Do you import/export only single tools or big sets of tools at once?

I can see use cases like that, but I'd prefer a more decentralized solution. Using the setup tool for tasks like that makes it too complex and if I want to modify a single tool I don't want to switch to the setup tool and perform many steps to get my import. Possible alternatives:

- A modified tool factory could allow adding pre-configured tools in a similar way as the 'CMF Action' and '* Type Information' factories on the trunk (that allow to choose presettings from profiles).

- Tools could have an import/export tab that allows to load settings from an XML file.

- I've experimented a bit with configuring sites via WebDAV. I was able to reconfigure portal_catalog by uploading a modified XML file. But I'm stuck with 2 issues:
1.) tool IDs don't have an '.xml' suffix
2.) tools like portal_workflow and portal_types that are represented by a directory of XML files are hard to bootstrap via WebDAV.

Would one of these features be a good alternative for your use cases?



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