On 12 Nov 2005, at 09:04, yuppie wrote:
A CMF 1.6 release that requires Zope 2.8 and essentially bundles CMF 1.5 with GenericSetup 2.0 (and compatible CMF setup handlers) might be a good idea.

Yes, that's a good idea. It certainly can't go directly in the strictly-maintenance 1.5 branch. +1 from me for 1.6 then.

Rob, without wanting to open a Pandora's box, is Generic Setup the only thing you're really craving or are there other low-hanging fruit that could be dealt with *without* moving too far off the 1.5 code base? And what is the timeframe for Plone 2.2 (I assume that's the release you want this for)?

GenericSetup is still a moving target. I would not create a branch for 1.6 before 2.0 has stabilized.

Stabilized meaning moved from alpha to beta or the final? I'm trying to see how far the different schedules (Plone 2.2 and a stabilized GenericSetup) can be made to match up.


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