Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

On 12 Nov 2005, at 09:04, yuppie wrote:

A CMF 1.6 release that requires Zope 2.8 and essentially bundles CMF 1.5 with GenericSetup 2.0 (and compatible CMF setup handlers) might be a good idea.

Yes, that's a good idea. It certainly can't go directly in the strictly-maintenance 1.5 branch. +1 from me for 1.6 then.

great... it seems we're all in consensus for a 1.6.

Rob, without wanting to open a Pandora's box, is Generic Setup the only thing you're really craving or are there other low-hanging fruit that could be dealt with *without* moving too far off the 1.5 code base?

GenericSetup is the important one. i could come up w/ more, sure, but since Plone is moving to a time-based release schedule, and the proposal and feature freeze is coming very soon (dec 1) i don't think there's really time for us to tackle anything else.

And what is the timeframe for Plone 2.2 (I assume that's the release you want this for)?

Plone may change its numbering convention soon, but yes, i'm talking about the next non-2.1-maintenance release, which we'll call 2.2 for now.

the time frame is that there is a proposal/feature freeze scheduled for dec 1; by that time, any new features that are going to land have to be implemented in review bundle so the framework team can assess whether or not it's gonna work. actual release dates are still tentative, but we're looking at an initial alpha around dec 20, a beta in mid-feb, and release candidates leading to a release in mid march.

GenericSetup is still a moving target. I would not create a branch for 1.6 before 2.0 has stabilized.

unfortunately i need to move rather quickly to be able to produce a proof-of-concept for the framework team to review. i may need to cut a branch and then just accept that i'll have to keep up w/ GenericSetup for a bit. do we know how much change is likely to happen, and in what areas?

Stabilized meaning moved from alpha to beta or the final? I'm trying to see how far the different schedules (Plone 2.2 and a stabilized GenericSetup) can be made to match up.

that would be great!  hope the info i gave helps.


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