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Rob Miller wrote:

to be fair, AT's (un)indexing code is a mess... i tried to change the BaseFolderMixin manage_(after|before)* methods so they explicitly call the PortalFolder implementations and was still ending up w/ subobject orphans left in the catalog after container deletions. ideally, this would provide us an opportunity to push the CatalogMultiplex functionality down into the CMF core and clean up the indexing mess on the Plone side a bit. and in a perfect world, we'd defer the actual (un)indexing until the end of the transaction. those changes might be too much to try to get into CMF 1.6, however...

Isn't that a perfect reason to throw this away entirely and to move to
(container) event based indexing? Isn't that what Florent is proposing
as well?


yes, but i already have my hands full w/ trying to get the GenericSetup stuff (which is also important, if we're to keep up w/ all of the other new developments) working well enough for consideration in the next Plone release. i was planning on bringing this to the plone-devel list tomorrow (it's 1:20am for me now, time for bed) to try to drum up support, to see if someone else will step forward and run with it. if it's going to land, we need to have a proof-of-concept bundle working for review no later than december 1st.

you're more than welcome to either pitch this to plone-devel or to grab it by the horns and start working on it yourself. :-).


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