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yuppie wrote:

> The new plans for a CMF 1.6 release make it necessary to adjust the
> migration roadmap.

First, we need to ensure that the 1.6 release will actually happen.  I
don't plan to spend any cycles on it beyond monitoring list traffic.

> 1.) CMF 1.6 will ship with all the CMF BBB code that is in CMF 1.5.


> - update deprecation warnings on the 1.5 and 1.6 branch, replacing "will
> be removed in CMF 1.6" by "will be removed in CMF 2.0"
> 2.) With one more release in between the deprecated 'content' name in
> expression contexts, support for FS .properties and .security objects
> and getActionsFor/WorkflowInformation can already be removed in CMF 2.0.

+1.  I've already deleted the support for .properties and .security in
my "eggification" branch.  I'm willing to have 2.0 break more BBB than
would be normal for a "second dot" release (which was the reason for
calling it 2.0 in the first place).

> - update deprecation warnings on the 1.5 and 1.6 branch, replacing "will
> be removed in CMF 1.7" by "will be removed in CMF 2.0"
> - remove the BBB code in CMF 2.0
> 3.) GenericSetup and setup handlers in the related CMF products make
> CMFSetup obsolete. CMF 1.6 should provide all the BBB code that is
> necessary to read CMF 1.5 profiles but should write only CMF 2.0
> compatible profiles. This allows to use CMF 1.6 as a migration tool for
> CMF 1.5 profiles and to remove CMFSetup completely in CMF 2.0.

+0 on this, if it doesn't delay the schedule for 2.0 (I'd like to
release an alpha at the end of this month, a beta in mid-December, and a
 final release in early January).

> - finish the work that's necessary to make CMFSetup obsolete in CMF 2.0
> - add a module alias for the setup tool to make sure CMF 1.5 setup tools
> still work in CMF 2.0
> - merge CMFSetup from trunk into the 1.6 branch and remove it from the
> trunk (CMF 2.0)
> If there are no objections I'll update the deprecation warnings on the
> CMF 1.5 and 1.6 branches. The other tasks can wait a bit. Any help is
> welcome.


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