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I can see use cases like that, but I'd prefer a more decentralized solution. Using the setup tool for tasks like that makes it too complex and if I want to modify a single tool I don't want to switch to the setup tool and perform many steps to get my import. Possible alternatives:

- A modified tool factory could allow adding pre-configured tools in a similar way as the 'CMF Action' and '* Type Information' factories on the trunk (that allow to choose presettings from profiles).

- Tools could have an import/export tab that allows to load settings from an XML file.

I don't understand, in the CMF 1.5 framework I'm using that doesn't make sense. Things go through portal_setup. Maybe in CMF 2.0 and the updated GenericSetup that's different but I'm not there yet.

The new I/O adapters don't depend on the setup tool. Using the setup tool is only necessary if we want to use the snapshots in it. The add form for TypeInfos in CMF 2.0 is an example how a modified tool factory could work.

If individual tools have Export/Import tabs that do the I/O, fine, but I don't see any code that does that today. You're proposing that we modify every single tool's implementation, instead of having things in portal_setup?

Yes. But the code could be quite generic. AFAICS the only change that would be necessary in every single tool's implementation (or in a shared base class) is adding the new tab to 'manage_options'. Everything else could be a shared view.

Anyway I've put this proposal on hold. No need to find a consensus now.

So that I'm clear, I'm not against your proposal,as long as there's still a way to simply I/O individual tools.


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