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Florent Guillaume wrote:
I'm wondering (I haven't looked at it yet) if I can do the following with GenericSetup.

I need to be able to export the same content object in different "facets". For instance for a document I need to do a "content" export, that will dump the standard data and metadata. Then I'll also want a separate "workflow" export that dumps the workflow state and workflow history. Etc.

Is there any provision in GenericSetup to have multiple node exporters for the same interface? Named adapters, or multiadapters on the export context ?

Just a side note:

Node adapters are part of a sub-framework that is used for configuration data. They allow to delegate the responsibility for specific DOM nodes to sub-objects. This is especially useful for plugging in handlers for third-party catalog indexes, type infos or workflows.

No provisions were made for multiple node adapters per interface.

For the 'actual' answer see Tres' reply. He is more familiar with the content handlers than I.



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