Hi Tres!

Tres Seaver wrote:
If there are no objections I'd like to make those changes either on your
branch or after you merged your changes into the trunk.

Go ahead and merge it to the branch -- I'll need to look at how the
generated report changes to reflect the level.


The logger names are still a mess. Currently we have names on 3 levels:

- product: 'GenericSetup'

- setup step/handler ID: e.g. 'rolemap', 'toolset'

- adapter/'component': e.g. 'SFWA', 'CSAFA' (BTW: what means 'SGAIFA'?)

Should we combine all 3 levels in the dotted logger name?

e.g. 'GenericSetup.content.CSAFA'

Or would be 'GenericSetup.content' enough? Currently it is 'GenericSetup.CSAFA'.

Maybe you've got an idea how to resolve this. Don't know what kind of 'component' name the reports need.



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