Answering my own question and cc'ing Vinay in since I was also talking to him about this...

Chris Withers wrote:
I'm unit testing something which does some logging. It's supposed to log, so ideally I'd like to test for that, but I'd also like to not have the log spew showing during tests runs, which seems to have started happening in Zope 2.8 :-S

I added the following methods to our TestCase base class and then added the class below it:

    def _stopLogging(self):
        import logging
        root_logger = logging.getLogger()
        self.old_handlers = root_logger.handlers
        root_logger.handlers = [DummyLogger()]

    def _startLogging(self):
        old_handlers = getattr(self,'old_handlers',None)
        if old_handlers is not None:
            import logging
            logging.getLogger().handlers = old_handlers

class DummyLogger:

    def handle(self, record):

This can now be used in a unit test as follows:

          # stuff that ends up logging stuff
            checkExpires.DateTime = DateTime

Hope this helps someone else :-)



PS: Vinay: lemme know if there's a better way to do this...

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