Rocky Burt wrote:

I forgot to mention that I'm trying to get started with CMFSetup in CMF 1.5 as my current deployment platform happens to be Plone 2.1.1. Hopefully most of CMFSetup's (from CMF 1.5) functionality is migratable into CMF 2.0.

the CMF 1.5 CMFSetup spellings will work on CMF 2.0, but, unfortunately, they are already deprecated. it is for this reason that i have started working on CMF 1.6, which backports the CMF 2.0 GenericSetup/CMFSetup code to an otherwise-little-changed CMF 1.5 codebase. my primary reason for doing this is to use it in the next major release of Plone, but it's probable that it will end up working w/ Plone 2.1.1, as well.

Rocky Burt wrote:

Hi CMF'ers,

With all the recent talks on getting GenericSetup/CMFSetup working on CMF 2.0 and knowing that CMFSetup is already with us in CMF 1.5, I've decided to finally take the plunge and figure this thing out.

So I started poking around in the CMFSetup and README.txt does a great job of describing what CMFSetup can do, but doesn't seem to describe anything on how to actually do it.

I guess what I'm asking for here is some starter docs/comments/examples on getting started with CMFSetup. Could someone point out a good example product that makes use of CMFSetup? Are there any docs out there that describe how to get going with CMFSetup?

the best overview i know about of how to approach using GenericSetup in the 2.0-compatible fashion is a message that yuppie sent to the plone-devel list:

there is example code using this in the CMF 1.6 and CMF 2.0 branches as well as in the goldegg branch of plone.

i plan on writing up some documentation about how to do this, but right now i'm a bit under the gun to get CMF 1.6 in decent shape and get a review bundle of Plone working with it for consideration for the next Plone release.


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