Cool, thanks for that work.


Rob Miller wrote:
okay, brent hendricks and i managed to put a few more hours into CMF 1.6 today. here's an update:

- ActionsTool import node now purges auto-created actions and correctly reads in a CMF 1.5 syntax actions.xml file, creating old style actions, w/ a GenericSetup style importer

- the backwards-compatible FTI factory methods have been re-added to the TypesTool

- a number of z2 interfaces have been switched out for their z3 counterparts, to get the GenericSetup node adapter adaptation working correctly

- all CMFCore unit tests are passing again

- all CMFDefault unit tests except one are passing (the final one is dependent on readding PortalGenerator to the CMFDefault.Portal module, see below)

the following is still to be accomplished:

- need to readd the PortalGenerator portal creation mechanism for CMFDefault.Portal, for backwards compatibility

- i've removed the CMFTopic setup stuff from the default profile, but have not yet replaced it with the extension profile in the CMFTopic product; for this reason CMFTopic unit tests are broken

i'm going to be offline for the next 1-1/2 days... i'll be picking this work up again on monday evening, california time.


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