On 20 Nov 2005, at 16:24, Florent Guillaume wrote:
Florent, what are your requirements for the events changes you wanted to see in 1.5.5 originally? I'm wondering if that's really 1.6 material now that we have a 1.6 branch? Let me know if you want it in 1.5 and we can plan a 1.5.6 release, or if the 1.6 branch has made this unnecessary for 1.5.

I'm a bit uncertain about the time frame for 1.6, there are a number of constraints behind it. If the GenericSetup backport gets finished and a 1.6.0 release is made in not too long then I'll use that. Otherwise a 1.5.6 would be nice.

OK, no problem. Just let me know when you think 1.5.6 is needed.


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