Florent Guillaume wrote:
That's certainly a good hack. There are several ways to do it, either with a thread-local variable, or in the request, or by walking the stack's locals to check for a __dont_index__ attribute... You'd have to bench, but a thread-local variable is probably the fastest. You want to store a set of objects whose indexing should be skipped.

Urm? Surely it's the other way round? ie: you build a mapping of objects that need re-indexing, so you only re-index each one once...

As Julien said it's not very hard to implement, it's just that there are application changes to consider. Still, there's agreement that CMF should move in that direction, I can provide patches taken from the CPS implementation. (And it requires Zope 2.8/ZODB 3.4 of course.) Some of the framework should pushed into Zope itself.

I think this is the way to go, but I do feel there should be some override method for unit testing and als ofor where you want to do a search after doing a load of object changes....



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