Rob Miller wrote:
the following is still to be accomplished:

- need to readd the PortalGenerator portal creation mechanism for CMFDefault.Portal, for backwards compatibility

this is done. the unit test is still failing, however. for some reason, in CMFDefault.tests.test_Portal.CMFSiteTests, globals()["__warningregistry__"] doesn't seem to exist. i'm not sure how this is supposed to work, exactly... it seems as though the self._trap_warning_output() call in the test setup is related, although i've looked at the WarningInterceptor code and don't understand how it's supposed to be working.

there's a similar but slightly different use of __warningregistry__ in CMFCore.tests.test_DirectoryView which IS working. if someone can point me in the direction of how this magic is supposed to happen, i'll dig more and get this last CMFDefault test passing.

- i've removed the CMFTopic setup stuff from the default profile, but have not yet replaced it with the extension profile in the CMFTopic product; for this reason CMFTopic unit tests are broken

this is done and all of the CMFTopic tests are now passing.


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