Rob Miller wrote:
- need to readd the PortalGenerator portal creation mechanism for CMFDefault.Portal, for backwards compatibility

this is done. the unit test is still failing, however. for some reason, in CMFDefault.tests.test_Portal.CMFSiteTests, globals()["__warningregistry__"] doesn't seem to exist. i'm not sure how this is supposed to work, exactly...

The is put into place by the warnings module as soon as the first warning is emitted. See


it seems as though the self._trap_warning_output() call in the test setup is related, although i've looked at the WarningInterceptor code and don't understand how it's supposed to be working.

there's a similar but slightly different use of __warningregistry__ in CMFCore.tests.test_DirectoryView which IS working. if someone can point me in the direction of how this magic is supposed to happen, i'll dig more and get this last CMFDefault test passing.

- i've removed the CMFTopic setup stuff from the default profile, but have not yet replaced it with the extension profile in the CMFTopic product; for this reason CMFTopic unit tests are broken

this is done and all of the CMFTopic tests are now passing.

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