Florent Guillaume wrote:
Rob Miller wrote:

- need to readd the PortalGenerator portal creation mechanism for CMFDefault.Portal, for backwards compatibility

this is done. the unit test is still failing, however. for some reason, in CMFDefault.tests.test_Portal.CMFSiteTests, globals()["__warningregistry__"] doesn't seem to exist. i'm not sure how this is supposed to work, exactly...
The is put into place by the warnings module as soon as the first warning is emitted. See warnings.py.

ah, thank you! yes, in the older test_Portal, it is implicitly assumed that the warning registry has been created _before_ the test in question is reached. since all of the other unit tests are now using GenericSetup to create the site, no warnings had yet been generated.

fixed and committed the test, all CMFDefault tests are now passing.


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