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my impression is that if you want TTW editing you'll have to do it on an application level using what's available in the framework (utilities, ZPT, ...) Zope3 allows you to do this already and in a much cleaner way than with zope2..

That's great! How to make this work in the context of a Zope 2/CMF setup, the one Martin is working in? Remember the legacy codebase here; it's not an option to throw it out just like that.

through Five I guess :-) I don't have the competence though or the exact vision on how to do it. What I'm doing though as a matter of philosophy is to stick as much as possible to standard Zope3 concepts (adapters, utilities, ZCML, event subscribers, views, ...), to make the backporting from zope3 to zope2 easier.

The difficulty is to do the first "plug" into zope2, but then since the application make a *huge* abstraction of what's underneath it shouldn't make much of a difference if it's plone, cps, zope3. The zope2 version was already trivially ported between CMF, CPS2, CPS3, Plone1, Plone2, .. thanks to the abstraction.

The task of porting CPSSkins for Zope 3 into Plone seems a bit daunting at first. I'm sure there are bits and pieces that can perhaps be taken without the whole framework though. Where should people start to look?



It's very much a prototype right now which does a lots of things, but a lot of the work is still being done on a conceptual level. The best contribution right now is in term of use cases, design, separation of roles, workflows, use of resources (I'm not convinced about Martin's TTW approach to TTW views for instance), and in basic framework modules (such as exporting data from ZODB to the filesystem, etc.. such as fsync, or any CMFSetup type of IO function that would be shared between Zope2 and Zope3)

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