On 11/30/05, Paul Everitt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Still, I'm hoping that my small, 3-line proposal doesn't get changed
> into a "let's replace templating systems" discussion. :^)  I'm trying to
> find the smallest necessary part to cover the maximum interest.
> Again to the CMF community: independent of this proposed solution, is
> this corporate ID a problem worth supporting investigation?

Personally I am very much in favour of a small change that makes it
more likely that people will experiment with using XSLT or any other
system they like.

On the other hand, in our work the design part of the process never
fits into a workflow like this.  We don't ever need to apply a global
theme to a core set of templates; rather, the design of entire
templates and layouts changes between clients.  So FWIW the specific
problem as expressed isn't one we need to solve.

In short, I strongly agree with every one of your numbered list items
except "1) Don't make corporate ID people learn anything new" - I'm
not sure I have ever met any corporate ID people.  But perhaps that's
just us.
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