On 2 Dec 2005, at 18:58, yuppie wrote:

Tres Seaver wrote:
 import Testing
-import Zope2
I'm seeing issues in some tests which fail when run outside the full
suite after changes like these.  E.g.,
zopectl> test CMFDefault

I'm trying to run those tests and seem to come against some dependency issue, once again. Running CMF trunk with Five trunk and the Zope-2.8-branch gives me this:

File "/usr/local/zope/28Instance/Products/GenericSetup/utils.py", line 36, in ?
    from Products.Five.bbb.OFS_interfaces import IOrderedContainer
ImportError: No module named bbb.OFS_interfaces

Could we please be a little more specific in each modules' DEPENDENCIES.txt about the exact software versions needed? The one in GenericSetup only says "Five >= 1.2". What do I need?


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