>From Andreas Jung + Alexander Limi:

> > AFAIK ACTUAL_URL contains the full URL *plus* the query string.
> > does not contain the query string. ACTUAL_URL was introduced on request
> > by
> > the Plone developers.
> Except, the implementation did not end up including the query string -
> which was the whole idea in the first place, to have ACTUAL_URL be "what
> is in the address bar right now", so things like anchors work (did you
> know there is no proper way of getting anchors to work in virtual hosting
> setups without doing three conditional tests in your template?).
> When I suggested that it should be fixed, people wanted to invent
> *another* variable that included the query string, and it degenerated into
> a "what should we name it" discussion after that. So that thing still has
> to be "reinvented" in Plone, which sucks.
> </rant>

Ah. Well that makes me feel better that I couldn't get my frickin
anchors to work as an access key in the top right of Plone. (What are
the three condition tests anyhow?)

So two questions -- the first is a condensed version of my previous
question, the second is a new question.

  * When I navigate to a page (with a virtual hosting setup), what
exactly gets called and what sends the final information back to the
browser? If I know point A and point B I'll dig through the code to
find more where the exact variables like ACTUAL_URL get set.
  * On a FreeBSD system, how do I debug VirtualHostMonster,
CookieCrumbler, etc. -- because I can't pull the usual plone_log, is
there another log I can use and where do I find the output?

Thanks much; peace,
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