Alexander Limi wrote at 2005-12-4 20:04 -0800:
>On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 10:23:25 -0800, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  
>>   What have anchors to do with the query string?
>> As I understand it, "anchors" (fragments in the URL) are a client
>> only concept: fragments are not transfered to the server.
>Correct, but it's impossible to construct valid anchors that do not reload  
>the page if you do not have a working ACTUAL_URL because of Zope setting  
>the <base> value to something else than the current page.
>Thus, a link like <a href="#someanchor" /> will *reload the page*, then go  
>to the anchor - which is clearly not desirable behaviour.

Okay, I understand.

But, that "ACTUAL_URL" does not contain the query string cannot
be the problem because you can easily add it.

Determining the real "ACTUAL_URL" is unfortunately not
that easy because 

  *  HTTP allows proxies to change the URL
     (that's why RFC2617 transfers the uri in 'Authentication'
     and does not trust the request uri)

  *  Apache's mod_proxy is often used to modify the URL
     to include commands for the VHM

  *  Right at the beginning of request processing, before
     VHM has a change to do its job, the URL is
     modified by Zope (executing ":action/method" requests)

  *  The URL is modified again during traversal -- at some
     point of which the VHM does its job

It will not be that easy to get it right with all of these
Probably the most promising route would be let
VHM determine "ACTUAL_URL" from "PATH_INFO" by
removing/executing its commands on it.
It will probably work only in standard situations (VHM in Zope route, e.g.).

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