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That's what we do, but it defeats the purpose of the variable in the
first  place - which was to have an easy way for Zope templating people
to create  anchor tags that work.

The primary reason to add ACTUAL_URL was to have a reliable variable for
both vhost and non-vhost environment as far as I remember.

You remember wrong.

From the bug[1]:

"The short summary is that there's no good way of getting the URL of the current page (ie. what it actually says in the URL field) as opposed to what Zope reports as the object URL."

VIRTUAL_URL will give you what you are describing above (since its inclusion by default in Zope). This is *not* the use case for ACTUAL_URL.

I can't remember
why the implementation ended up without the query string

Because the person implementing it (and the ones that tested it, including me) didn't notice that it didn't contain the query string. Hence, it is a bug.

but as you said
you can easily deal with this issue by using a global define.

Look, I'm just trying to make Zope a bit more friendly to new developers. Of course, this seems to not be a priority. I'll stop bitching, but the next time people complain about Plone "putting things in the wrong layer of the stack", I'll point them to this. If being able to use an anchor tag from ZPT without implementing your own variable isn't base-level functionality, I don't know what is.

[1] http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1568 and


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