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Look, I'm just trying to make Zope a bit more friendly to new developers.
Of course, this seems to not be a priority. I'll stop bitching, but the
next time people complain about Plone "putting things in the wrong layer
of the stack", I'll point them to this. If being able to use an anchor
tag   from ZPT without implementing your own variable isn't base-level
functionality, I don't know what is.

You could have come with this complaint earlier at the time when ppl were working on this problem. This fix is now one yr old and you could have tested this stuff earlier instead of bringing this up now. Sorry having to say that but some ppl invested time trying to resolve this issue but you haven't tested it in time. I can not see a followup on both issue where anyone is complaining..sorry, it is also up to you to verify things we've implemented for you.


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