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Florent Guillaume wrote:
However I don't understand the context vs. environ business. Could you expand on that?

I don't really like my solution and I'd be happy to run a search 'n' replace if someone comes up with a better naming convention.

The adapters need two different 'contexts'. The adapted object which is by convention stored in 'self.context' of the adapter and the setup context which is currently stored in 'self.environ'. I found it confusing to have two different context variables inside the adapter, but maybe that's less confusing than renaming the setup context to setup environ.

A related naming issue is that these adapters just need a minimal setup context which is a subset of ISetupContext, currently called ISetupEnviron. If we rename 'self.environ' to something like 'self.setup_context' in the adapters, we have to rename ISetupEnviron as well. ISetupContext is already taken, so we would have to call it IMinimalSetupContext or whatever.



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