Hi Florent!

Florent Guillaume wrote:
When importing an type information from an extension profile, I'm finding the need to have it specify in which containers' allowed_content_types it should be added. I'd like to add a pseudo-property allowed_container_types for this. It would have to be read and written specially.

It could even be added to CMF's TI as a real property.

Not sure how you want to implement this as a real property. How would it interact with 'allowed_content_types' of the container?

If it isn't a real property I would not like to add a dependency like that on profile level.

I'd propose to implement an update mode for list properties and to add an update file for each allowed container. Something like that:

<object name="MyContainer">
 <property name="allowed_content_types">
  <element value="MyType"/>

(Didn't have a look at the code. I guess this currently overwrites the list and maybe that's what it should do by default. But we could add an explicit mode="update" to enforce an update mode.)



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