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Florent Guillaume wrote:
On 13 Dec 2005, at 12:50, yuppie wrote:

I'd propose to implement an update mode for list properties and to add an update file for each allowed container. Something like that:

<object name="MyContainer">
 <property name="allowed_content_types">
  <element value="MyType"/>

(Didn't have a look at the code. I guess this currently overwrites the list and maybe that's what it should do by default. But we could add an explicit mode="update" to enforce an update mode.)

Yes that was another option I'd considered but found more complex, but if you think it's ok I'll look at how to implement it.

Yes, I prefer this option. It should be easy to implement and also useful for other properties. Workflow bindings are set in a similar way, see the example in the CMFTopic profile.

The mode="update" would be an attribute of <property>, right ?

Yes. But just found that I already use purge="False" for action handlers. I guess this is better than mode="update".

Workflow bindings don't need that attribute - they are always in update mode if self.environ.shouldPurge() is False. Maybe it would be better to make the shouldPurge setting the default for properties as well. And override it with purge="True" if necessary. Don't know.



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