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Florent Guillaume wrote:
Can I fix the "pretty" xml exporter to use standard identing? (2 spaces for tags, 4 for attributes)

AFAICS nothing is broken and we don't have a policy for that. So I would not call it a 'fix'.

After having a closer look at this I agree that PrettyDocument is broken because it doesn't respect the 'indent' argument of toprettyxml() in all places. I have a fix for this in my sandbox, but svn.zope.org is down.

2 spaces make it easier to read XML files with 2 or 3 levels of indentation, but if the whitespace eats up a significant part of the complete width and triggers additional line wrapping, I don't think it's a win.

I doubt we'll have more than 2 or 3 levels of indentation in profiles.

I tried to keep the indenting in sync with the HTML templates which have much deeper levels. But I forgot about the ZCML files. That means that we already have different patterns in use.

I don't know where the indenting standard you mention is defined and you didn't provide any other arguments for that change.

It's the standard chosen by Zope (used in all .zcml files for instance, or in component.xml files), and based on standard indenting observed in the XML world, and default indenting levels in most editors.

It's a pain to edit the profiles in an editor and have them not indent properly.

I change my vote to -0 if

- this is no decision about the HTML templates in CMF

- all profile XML on the 1.6 branch and trunk is updated, including the XML examples in unit tests



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