That "CMFDynamicViewFTI" doohickey (no idea what that is, really, but Plone needs it for some reason) tries to import "typeClasses" from CMFCore.TypesTool and add information about itself to it. See "" module.

Ah. :)

CMFDVFTI (say that ten times fast, would'ya) is what powers the "display" menu in Plone 2.1. Basically, we needed a per-type way of storing a vocabulary of available view templates (e.g. folder listing, tabular view, photoalbum view for folders) and the default template. This is simply a "lines" property + a string property. There's also some code in that looks this up for a type (by delegating to the FTI) and stores the user's per-instance selection as a property on the object.

If there is a better way of managing these things in the FTI, we may be able to change CMFDVFTI (doubtful before Plone 2.1.2, though!) to make use of it. This would likely also require an appropriate migration.


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