apologies in advance for not engaging this conversation as deeply as i'd like to... i'm under the gun to get something done before leaving tomorrow for a brief holiday, back on the 29th.

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I don't quite understand the distinction between "compatible with products written for Plone 2.1 but not with Plone 2.1", I can't see any sense in that route... it all comes back to one question: What is the goal for the 1.6 branch? What specific audience is it targeted at? I can see what it's apparently *not* targeted at: People who work with Plone 2.1 - including those that might be interested in taking up GenericSetup for their Plone product. I had thought that was our audience.

the original motivation behind my request for a CMF 1.6 release was so that it could be used as a basis for the next major Plone release, what is now being called Plone 2.5. this is because Plone would like to switch to using GenericSetup for its site instantiation and configuration, but using CMF 2.0 for our next release would cause too much breakage of Plone add-on products. CMF 1.6 makes it easier for Plone to not fall (again!) terribly behind CMF's development cycle.

it would be great if Plone 2.1.X could work w/ CMF 1.6, but it is not absolutely necessary. yuppie implies that some of my commits contribute to the 2.1 breakage... that may be, b/c i wasn't really thinking too much about 2.1 when i was working. unfortunately, i don't have time to look even at my own work right now, for reasons mentioned above.

if there are some reasonable changes we can make that would ensure CMF 1.6 would work with both Plone 2.1 and 2.5, then i'd probably be +1 for making the changes. this would need to be weighed against the amount of distance that it would put between the CMF 1.6 and CMF 2.0 setup code, though.

when i get back from my visiting my family i'll take a look at the code and will actually formulate an informed opinion on what we should do... ;-)


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