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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On 22 Dec 2005, at 03:10, Rob Miller wrote:
>> Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>>> I don't quite understand the distinction between "compatible with  
>>> products written for Plone 2.1 but not with Plone 2.1", I can't  see 
>>> any sense in that route... it all comes back to one question:  What
>>> is  the goal for the 1.6 branch? What specific audience is it 
>>> targeted  at? I can see what it's apparently *not* targeted at: 
>>> People who work  with Plone 2.1 - including those that might be 
>>> interested in taking  up GenericSetup for their Plone product. I  had
>>> thought that was our  audience.
>> the original motivation behind my request for a CMF 1.6 release was 
>> so that it could be used as a basis for the next major Plone  release,
>> what is now being called Plone 2.5.  this is because Plone  would like
>> to switch to using GenericSetup for its site  instantiation and
>> configuration, but using CMF 2.0 for our next  release would cause too
>> much breakage of Plone add-on products.   CMF 1.6 makes it easier for
>> Plone to not fall (again!) terribly  behind CMF's development cycle.
> Just to put this into perspective, this is not some life-and-death 
> issue for me at this point, more a clarification issue. It wasn't  clear
> to me how limited the target audience for CMF 1.6 really will be.
> I think this brings up the need for a slightly more formalized  planning
> and release process. Given the requisite backing by at least  the main
> developers (meaning their agreement that they would actually  use such a
> thing) I'd like to set up a release plan page on zope.org  that explains
> a bit more what the goals for each major release are  and which contains
> timing information as well. The Plone roadmap page  at
> http://plone.org/roadmap (plone.org seems down currently) does a  nice
> job in that regard.

I agree we need such a document, and already owe you some words around
the topic.  I'll work on setting up a back-channel conversation about it.

> By the way, my technical problem of satisfying dependencies on 
> GenericSetup introduced by us switching to PAS without breaking a 
> production Plone 2.1 site have been solved by simply using  GenericSetup
> from the 1.6 branch and keeping everything else at CMF  1.5.4.

I intend that "GenericSetup 1.0" will be releaseable (and released) from
exactly that point (the tip of the 1.6 branch).

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