Hi Florent!

Florent Guillaume wrote:
Here's a few things I'd like to change in GenericSetup's management of properties (PropertyManagerHelper):
- not export read-only properties,
- not purge read-only properties,

+1 (these are bugs that need to be fixed)

- have an option for not exporting properties equal to their class default (I have code for this),

You mean an argument for _extractProperties?

I'm not sure if the class defaults should be that important. It might make sense if the defaults represent an 'empty' state. But if they represent a 'default' state I would not like to see the XML files depend on those defaults.

If you need that behavior outside the CMF I could live with an optional argument for that.

- to purge properties, reset _properties to the class default (and of course remove impacted instance attributes), then additionnaly delete deletable properties (except title).

+1 (that's the behavior I'd expect)

Also I'd like to change things like:
    node = property(_exportNode, _importNode)
    def __exportNode(self):
        return self._exportNode()
    def __importNode(self, *args)
    node = property(__exportNode, __importNode)
To allow proper subclass overriding and avoid the dead chicken of having to redefine the node property each time.




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