yuppie wrote:
But there is an issue with unit tests: The PlacelessSetup tear down removes the 'meta_type' attribute, no matter if it was added by five:registerClass or if it existed before. If an other test that doesn't use PlacelessSetup tries to access FactoryTypeInformation.meta_type, this will return a wrong meta type.

In CMF itself this is no problem because CMF tests use PlacelessSetup if they depend on those meta types. But if you run Archetypes unit tests (or other non-PlacelessSetup tests that depend on meta_type) together with the CMF tests you might see strange failures.

five:registerClass is written for classes without 'meta_type' attribute. To support classes with 'meta_type' attribute properly, at least the tear down code has to be changed. But I doubt it's worth the effort. If you can work around this issue I'm fine with re-adding the attributes on the 1.6 branch. And in 2.0 we don't have this problem anyway.

i can work around this.  thanks!


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