Tres Seaver wrote:


Objects which have a no-longer-sane review_state have *never* had
reasonable behavior:  the workflow engine *can't* compute what to do
with them.  They have no transitions (which is why the workflow actions
are gone), and they can't be fixed by the "Update Security" button,
because there *is no state* to whose permission map they can be conformed.

With respect, this is a "Doctor! Doctor!" problem, to which the
appropriate response is "Take the spoon out of the glass before
drinking" (i.e., write the simple script which repairs the broken
instances *before* deleting the state).

Not really following the topic, so this might be too naive, sorry:

Falling back to the workflow's initial state (like it's
done on imports and when changing the workflow assigned
to a type) in such cases wouldn't be an option?


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