> this makes sense.  i'm -1 on the final CMFonFive piece landing in CMF
> 1.6 itself, though.  the original scope for CMF 1.6 was "CMF 1.5 +
> GenericSetup", i don't see a compelling reason to complicate things by
> expanding that scope.  if CMFonFive stays separate, then you can code it
> to support only Zope 2.9 without having to impose this same restriction
> on the CMF core.

Well, it doesn't make sense, because it continues a complex versioning
dance, and leaves many combinations unsupported, but if nobody else
wants that fixed, then I won't fix it. :-)

And it doesn't really complicate things by expanding any scope, it
just moves a bit of code from on product to another.

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